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When one is faced with a new assignment, such as a book report, examples to model and learn from are available via Web search. Locating a well-written book report example online and using it as a basis for one's own book report can streamline the process. Here are some tips for evaluating book report examples online.

Book reports follow a standard format. They must contain the following sections: Introduction, body, analysis, and conclusion. The Introductory paragraph includes the book's title, author's name, Publisher's name and location, and copyright date. It can also include information about how this book fits into the author's body of work, such as whether it is part of a series.

The body includes identification of the author's subject matter, underlying premise or argument, a list of characters and a plot synopsis (for a novel) or summary of chapter topics for a (non-fiction work). Brief quotes from the book itself can be used to give a sense of the author's style and can bolster the effectiveness of the book report. Examples should be used sparingly, though. It is the student's own words that primarily interest the professor assigning the work.

The analysis features the student's reaction to the book. Was it clearly written? Did the student learn anything from the characters or from the author's argument? Book report examples found online should feature cogent analysis of the subject work.

In the conclusion, the student generally restates the book's title and the author's name, and sums the book up in a sentence or two. A final thought about the effectiveness of the work in general can also be included here.

Finding book report examples online can be a great starting-place when one is assigned a book report to complete. Remember, however, that book report examples are just that: examples. The student can study their structure and style, but must make sure that his or her own book report is completely original. For this reason, it is best to search for a book report example of a book other than that which the student has read.

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