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Biography Book Report

A biography book report is different from a fictional story in that there often isn't a basic plot or theme throughout the book. Instead, biography book reports will concentrate on the subject's life, accomplishments, struggles, and more. The first step to writing a biography book report is to prepare an outline so that it can be referenced while reading the book.

First, provide an introduction for the biography book report by briefly describing who the person was or is and what he or she did that was notable. It isn't necessary to explain everything in depth at this point. The point of a biography book report introduction is to simply touch on what will be explained in more detail later.

Second, discuss the subject's personal information in the biography book report by sharing his or her birthplace, family life while growing up, education, careers, as well as his or her death and where it took place. Carry this further by discussing how each of these topics helped or hindered the subject throughout his or her life.

The third part of a biography book report outline is a list of his or her accomplishments and accolades. Discuss what he or she did that makes him or her memorable. What contributions did he or she make to society and what impact did his or her actions have on the surrounding community, the country, or even the world.

Fourth, take some time to explain the qualities and personality traits that made the person interesting. Discuss what he or she did that might impress other readers and try to find information that isn't mainstream. For example, the biography book report could share little known facts about his or her life and how these instances helped mold future behaviors.

Fifth, include a timeline of the person's life from birth until death, highlighting the more important aspects of his or her life. Record milestones of achievement and not just a number of inane facts. A biography book report should inform while also maintaining reader interest so be certain to keep it interesting throughout.

Finally, don't forget to include a bibliography that properly cites sources used to write the biography book report. Even if the book was an autobiography, biography book reports must include all citations for reference.

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