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The Grapes of Wrath
30th May 2016 | Author: "Reviews"

Most students at one time or another will write a book report on John Steinbeck's depression-era novel, The Grapes of Wrath. Book summaries usually begin with the Oklahoma dust bowl, which ruins crops and later leads to the ruin of families whose farms are foreclosed, forcing them to leave home to find work. The struggles of the migratory workers during the Great Depression are evidenced through the Joad family. The first member of the Joad family introduced by Steinbeck is Tom Joad, a man in his late twenties and recently released from prison for murdering a man during a fight. Having just been released, Tom is hitchhiking back to his family's Oklahoma farm. During his travels he meets up with Jim Casy, a preacher he knew from his childhood. Casy gives Tom a summary of what he's been up to, that he's no longer a preacher, but sees the holiness in all people and the interconnectedness of humankind. Casy and tom decide to travel together to the Joad farm. . . . .

Non-Fiction Book Report Writing
29th May 2016 | Author: "bookreport"

A non-fiction book report will differ from book reports on fictional stories because the subject matter is based entirely on fact as opposed to being fabricated. While some fictional stories may take place in real settings or be based on actual events, non-fiction book reports will cover stories that adhere to what really happened. . . . .

The Basics of Writing a Book Report
27th May 2016 | Author: "bookreport"

Writing a book report is rarely something students look forward to, but if done properly, the grade received will make doing it properly well worth the effort. Writing a book report that impresses the instructor all starts with the book itself. If the book isn't fully understood then it will be next to impossible to start writing book reports about the intricacies of the contents. . . . .

How to Write a Book Report
26th May 2016 | Author: "bookreport"

The first thing to consider if you want to know how to write a book report is the assignment itself. Every book report assignment is different so your instructor will be the best person to ask about how to write book reports because he or she will be able to explain what is expected. It will be difficult to know how to write a book report effectively if the assignment isn't understood. . . . .

The Book of Margery Kempe
25th May 2016 | Author: "Reviews"

Summaries or book reports on The Book of Margery Kempe can create a difficult task for the reader, given the age and topic of the novel. The Book of Margery Kempe was most likely written in England in the early to mid 1400's and originally published by Margery Kempe as The Book. It is an intriguing study on medieval and spiritual life during this time period. Kempe's story as a middle class woman starts off normal enough. She is married and gives birth to a child. After the child is born, though, in the throes of a nervous breakdown, she has a vision of Jesus and decides to devote herself to God as a result. Kempe becomes known as a religious fanatic (not a good moniker at a time when heretics were regularly burned at the stake), though 'fanatic' is not a bad way to offer summary for Kempe's religious behavior. She seeks to become celibate, which is not an easy sell to her husband until they bear thirteen additional children; she wears all white; and most disturbingly, she openly weeps during sermons, recalling Jesus' sacrifice, and generally making a nuisance of herself. . . . .

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