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The Merchant of Venice
30th October 2014 | Author: "Reviews"

Despite being written in the late sixteenth century, Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice is a timeless piece and provides great themes to be analyzed for purposes of a book report. The Merchant of Venice is one of Shakespeare's less popular comedies, having been plagued in recent times with complaints of anti-Semitic themes. The summary of this really has to do with the character Shylock, a caricature of a greedy, Jewish money-lender. The two main characters of the story are a Venetian merchant, Antonio, and his Bassanio, who is in love with a wealthy heiress named Portia. Bassanio wants to propose to Portia but needs money to travel and appear worthy of her. Antonio wants to lend the money to Bassanio but his monies are all tied up in ships that are still at sea. He suggests that Bassanio approach Shylock for the loan and use Anthony's name as the guarantor. . . . .

The Color of Water
29th October 2014 | Author: "Reviews"

James McBride's The Color of Water is an autobiographical summary of the writer's life, weaved with the biography of his mother, Ruth McBride Jordan's life. Book reports on The Color of Water might focus on the aspects of how the differences of race and religion were overcome in favor of love, family, friendship and community. Ruth McBride (then Rachel Deborah Shilsky) was born to an Orthodox Jewish family in Poland who immigrated to the United States when Ruth was two years-old. Ruth's father was a rabbi but was unable to find work to support his family in the United States and eventually settled the family in a black neighborhood in Suffolk, Virginia and opened a grocery store. . . . .

Concerning Principles of Morals
28th October 2014 | Author: "Reviews"

For purposes of a book report, David Hume's Concerning Principles of Morals is actually a philosophical essay, and not a novel. Summaries of Concerning Principles of Morals are therefore much more difficult to write without a good base knowledge of philosophy. The study of morality is in the background of most of Hume's previous works and therefore, he was keenly interested in understanding (and explaining to the reader) a summary not of what was moral or how morality should work, but how human beings actually go about making judgments that are moral. . . . .

Book Report Project Ideas
27th October 2014 | Author: "bookreport"

While many book report project assignments simply ask to explain the characters, plot, setting and theme, others are more creative. If given the opportunity to do a book report project as an alternative to just writing a paper, there are dozens of imaginative ideas out there. There is no need to settle for the mundane if the assignment allows, so here are ten great book report projects to consider. . . . .

Book Report Outline
26th October 2014 | Author: "bookreport"

A book report outline acts as a guide so that the student can ensure that all of the required elements of the book report are addressed. Book report outlines can also be used while reading the book so that proper note taking can be done as well. . . . .

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