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Book Review Basics
30th November 2015 | Author: "bookreport"

Whether assigned to write a book review or a book report, it's important to know the difference between the two before starting. In simplest terms, book reviews provide an analysis and book reports provide a recounting of what happened in the story. When asked to write a book review, students need to be careful to avoid retelling the story because a book review is not a summary of events and characters, it's more of a reaction paper. . . . .

Elementary Book Report
29th November 2015 | Author: "bookreport"

An elementary book report tends to be far easier to write than when writing a book report in high school or college. The idea behind elementary book reports is to help the young student learn the basics of comprehension and to improve literacy. While some teachers will provide a list of elementary book report ideas for the students to choose from, others will provide an outline of what's required. . . . .

The Return of the King
28th November 2015 | Author: "Reviews"

The Return of the King is the third installment in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Therefore, writing a book report would require the writer to give some sort of summary of the first two installments of the trilogy leading up to The Return of the King. This story begins with Pippin and Gandalf traveling together to Minas Tirith where they meet with Denethor. Pippin pledges his loyalty to Denethor, whose son saved them. But Denethor does not trust Gandalf, for he knows he is bringing Aragorn to reclaim his rightful throne. Faramir returns to report that he has meet Frodo on his travels, and Frodo has the ring. Denethor is mad that his son didn't give the ring to Gondor, and sends Faramir back out to fight the oncoming armies. Gandalf tries to protect him but Faramir falls ill at the gates. . . . .

Mystery Book Report
27th November 2015 | Author: "bookreport"

The key to a successful mystery book report is to make sure that the suspense is captured throughout the book report. Mystery book reports should be written to help the instructor experience the same ambiance about the setting, characters and plot as the reader experienced when reading the book. . . . .

The Merchant of Venice
26th November 2015 | Author: "Reviews"

Despite being written in the late sixteenth century, Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice is a timeless piece and provides great themes to be analyzed for purposes of a book report. The Merchant of Venice is one of Shakespeare's less popular comedies, having been plagued in recent times with complaints of anti-Semitic themes. The summary of this really has to do with the character Shylock, a caricature of a greedy, Jewish money-lender. The two main characters of the story are a Venetian merchant, Antonio, and his Bassanio, who is in love with a wealthy heiress named Portia. Bassanio wants to propose to Portia but needs money to travel and appear worthy of her. Antonio wants to lend the money to Bassanio but his monies are all tied up in ships that are still at sea. He suggests that Bassanio approach Shylock for the loan and use Anthony's name as the guarantor. . . . .

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