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A Room of One's Own
29th August 2016 | Author: "Reviews"

A summary of Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own can be a tricky topic for a book report. To begin, A Room of One's Own is actually an essay in book form, and in fact, it began as a lecture Woolf delivered on "Women and Fiction" to a Cambridge women's college the year prior to expounding the lecture into novel form. Woolf is quite clever in the delivery of her book, only half-disguising real-life situations and people. For example, in the fictionalized version she delivers her lecture at Oxbridge, an amalgamation of Oxford and Cambridge. The narrator of the story is also a very shallowly disguised version of Woolf herself. . . . .

Anne of Green Gables
28th August 2016 | Author: "Reviews"

Book reviews of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables focus on the protagonist, Anne Shirley, an orphan who is mistakenly sent to live with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, who were hoping to adopt an orphan son to help out on the farm. Summaries of Anne of Green Gables usually note that Matthew and Marilla are actually a brother and sister who never married and the reason they wanted to adopt an orphan is because Matthew, now in his sixties, is getting to old to tend to their farm, Green Gables. When the twelve year-old Anne is mistakenly sent by the orphanage, Matthew and Marilla are charmed by her and decide to keep her. . . . .

Anna Karenina
27th August 2016 | Author: "Reviews"

Book reports on Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina can be quite overwhelming given the length of the novel (nearly 900 pages). Writing a summary of 240 chapters is quite the undertaking. Focusing summaries of the book on how the Oblonsky family of Moscow is affected by love and adultery might be the easiest way to break up the eight parts of this mammoth novel. Part one of Anna Karenina begins with Stiva's adultery being discovered by his wife, Dolly. Stiva's sister, Anna Karenina, arrives in town in hopes of mediating the situation and convincing Dolly to remain married to her brother. Meanwhile, on the love front, Dolly's younger sister, Kitty, is infatuated with Vronsky, a sophisticated military man, but Levin, an awkward farmer, is in love with Kitty. After being denied by Kitty, Levin retreats home to focus on his farm. Vronsky, to Kitty's dismay, has fallen for the beautiful Anna Karenina. Anna is infatuated with him as well but returns home to her husband and son in St. Petersburg at the end of part one, dismissing Vronsky as a mere crush. Vronsky, for his part, has followed Anna to St. Petersburg. . . . .

The Book Report - Presentation Ideas
26th August 2016 | Author: "bookreport"

The book report that a student writes as part of an assignment doesn’t always have to follow the same format or structure if the instructor allows for some creativity. While the book reports will most likely have to follow an outline of having an introduction, a body, a conclusion and an evaluation, this doesn’t mean that the actual presentation of the book report has to be stale and ordinary. . . . .

A Farewell to Arms
25th August 2016 | Author: "Reviews"

Book reports on Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms should note the time period it takes place, which is during World War I. The protagonist of the story, Lieutenant Frederic Henry, is an American who has volunteered for the Italian Army (prior to the Americans entering the war). Henry's job is to supervise a small group of Italian ambulance drivers. After a brief winter leave, Henry returns and falls in love with an English nurse named Catherine Barkley. They each share the sad summaries of how the war has affected them to this point. Because of the war's toll both on Henry, as well as Catherine, who lost her fiancé in the war the year prior, the two are happy to enter into a love affair as distraction from reality. . . . .

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