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Biography Book Report
17th October 2017 | Author: "bookreport"

A biography book report is different from a fictional story in that there often isn't a basic plot or theme throughout the book. Instead, biography book reports will concentrate on the subject's life, accomplishments, struggles, and more. The first step to writing a biography book report is to prepare an outline so that it can be referenced while reading the book. . . . .

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
16th October 2017 | Author: "Reviews"

A book report on Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest can be written as summaries of the book's four parts. Part 1 of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest would provide the reader with a summary of three of the books most prominent characters: Chief Bromden, a man who is half Native American and half Caucasian. He is a paranoid-schizophrenic and fears Nurse Ratched who he believes controls everything around him, including the behavior of all humans. Nurse Ratched enters into a power struggle with a new patient named Randle Patrick McMurphy. McMurphy, unlike the other patients, has no respect for authority. He swears, calling Nurse Ratched a "ball-cutter," and eventually gets the other patients to agree with him that Nurse Ratched is trying to get them to turn against one another. Ratched and McMurphy get into a face off over his wanting to watch the World Series. She says no, he turns on the TV anyways, she cuts off the power to the TV. To one up her, McMurphy sits in front of the blank screen, and eventually all of the other patients join him. . . . .

Through the Looking Glass
15th October 2017 | Author: "Reviews"

Book reviews of Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass will bring familiar memories to most people thanks to its famous movie counterpart, Alice in Wonderland. Through the Looking Glass begins with that timeless summary of Alice lazily sitting by a stream, reading a book, and glancing at a white rabbit hurriedly running by, staring at his pocket watch and proclaiming excitedly, "I'm late!" The rabbit dives down a rabbit hole and Alice decides to jump in after him. When Alice finally stops falling she finds herself in a hallway of doors. She wants to get through a small door but is unable to fit until she sees a bottle labeled "Drink me" which she does, causing her to shrink small enough to fit through the door. Unfortunately she left the key to the door on the table she is now too small to reach. But then she sees a piece of cake labeled "Eat me" which causes her to grow once again. She begins to cry when she realizes she is once again too big to fit through the door. But her tears, creating a giant pool at her feet, cause her to shrink smaller again and she finally treads water and is able to leave the hallway of doors. . . . .

Book Review Basics
14th October 2017 | Author: "bookreport"

Whether assigned to write a book review or a book report, it's important to know the difference between the two before starting. In simplest terms, book reviews provide an analysis and book reports provide a recounting of what happened in the story. When asked to write a book review, students need to be careful to avoid retelling the story because a book review is not a summary of events and characters, it's more of a reaction paper. . . . .

Elementary Book Report
13th October 2017 | Author: "bookreport"

An elementary book report tends to be far easier to write than when writing a book report in high school or college. The idea behind elementary book reports is to help the young student learn the basics of comprehension and to improve literacy. While some teachers will provide a list of elementary book report ideas for the students to choose from, others will provide an outline of what's required. . . . .

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